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Site C Clean Energy Project: Federal Provincial Joint Panel Review Panel


TyPlan supported BC Hydro as an expert witness for  the Site C Clean Energy Project Joint Panel Review. TyPlan prepared  Section 26 of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Navigation and Aviation for the proposed hydro project. Subsequent to submission of the EIS TyPlan participated in the Federal Provincial Joint Panel Review hearings in Fort St. John.


In Table 26.1, of the EIS the key issues related to navigation and aviation were organized according to the key aspects of the project’s potential effects, which included:


  • Change in navigability and navigational use
  • Change or presence of navigational hazards in the waterway
  • Changes that result in restrictions to navigation, their rationalization, and the approach to public and navigational safety use
  • Changes associated with visibility of structures and overhead wiring on aviation
  • Changes on microclimate on aviation
  • Changes to Shaftesbury and Tomkins Landing ice bridges


Source: BC Hydro