Typlan assists world-leading protection of Canada’s oceans and coastal communities

Typlan assists world-leading protection of Canada’s oceans and coastal communities

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Russ Tyson

TyPlan, working for CMO Consultants, was responsible for compiling all vessel transit data, disaggregating the data to the various channels in the Inside passage and confirming incident locations and undertaking the analysis so potential accident locations, based on restricted visibility narrow channels difficult tidal situations etc. Typlan slso participated in the probability analysis. This represented the most comprehensive breakdown of navigational incidents within the inside passage on record. 

Heiltsuk Horizon announces First Nations/industry partnership to support world-leading protection of Canada’s oceans and coastal communities

"VANCOUVER, BC (May 1, 2018) – A BC First Nation and Canadian marine and offshore company announced today they have teamed up in a unique partnership to help prevent and respond to marine incidents on Canada’s West Coast, and to improve marine emergency response capacity in Indigenous and coastal communities."   - Read the full Article

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Community Involvement
Typlan giving back to the community

TyPlan annually provides a corporate donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation Yukon Region, in support of all the good work the organization undertakes to eliminate the disease from society.

Professional associations we are involved with:

  • Project Management Institute
  • Canadian Institute of Planners
  • Association of Ontario Land Economists
  • Pianc International
  • Clean Energy BC
  • Planning Institute of British Columbia
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