G3 Export Grain Terminal

G3 Export Grain Terminal: Port Metro Vancouver; Category D Submission under the Environmental Review Process

G3 Global Holdings (a limited partnership between Bunge Canada and SALIC Canada), announced a joint venture partnership with Western Stevedoring to examine the feasibility of building an export Grain Terminal (G3 Terminal Vancouver) at Lynnterm West Gate in the City of North Vancouver.

TyPlan assisted Kiewit Infrastructure and Ibberson Engineering with the overall preparation of the project permit application to Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) under the new PMV Environmental Review Process (ERP). The project was categorized as a Class "D" project and required extensive study and evaluation by the PMV. TyPlan in accordance with PMV guidelines was also responsible for the preparation of:

  • Project general scope document
  • Navigational assessment
  • Mitigation
  • View and shade assessment

TyPlan is also facilitating the required Marine simulation modeling required by the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA) and the British Columbia Coast Pilots (BCCP) to ensure the vessels envisioned to moor at the new terminal can safety navigate the area.

TyPlan worked directly with the engineering team ( Bunge Kiewit Infrastructure and Ibberson) and the PMV to address permitting and technical issues throughout the extensive process. The technical studies undertaken to facilitate this Project are all available on PMV website.

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